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The Return of Color

April 24 – June 7, 2015

Carl Holty, CH-007
Rudolf Baranik, Girl
Russell Cowles, Mountain Landscape
John Barber, Bread Bakers
Johann Berthelsen, Bridge Nocturne
Hans Burkhardt, Untitled
Allen Tucker, Cabin by the Lake
Martin Friedman, Mauve
Betty Parsons, It Was That Way
Philip Perkins
John Von Wicht, Harbor Mist
Paul Sample, New England Barn
Gertrude Magie, Woman Knitting
Naohiko Inukai, Four & Six
Robert Natkin, Interior
Pierre Roussel, Studio Interior
Jimmy Ernst, Ancient Revival
Lazzaro Donati, Still Life
Jessie Bone Charman, Hyacinth
Carl Holty, CH-010
Ogden Pleissner, The Red House
John Von Wicht, Untitled
Helen Kramer, Waterfall
Carl Holty, Untitled Pair 2
Carl Holty, Untitled Pair 1
David Burliuk, Abstract
Joseph Solman, ASPCA
Jenne Magafan, Lace Curtain
John Von Wicht, Untitled
John Von Wicht, Waterfall
Vaclav Vytlacil, Untitled Abstraction
John Grillo, Untitled 1953
Seymour Franks, Ballad for Two Women
Paul Burlin, Composition
Max Schnitzler, Interior
Sold Fidelia Bridges gouache and watercolor painting Summer Song - Kingbird on Verbascum stalk.
Edward Potthast, Surf at Low Tide
Nancy Kupferman, Still Life
Emil Bisttram, Red Rain
Jack Wolsky, Series 67 #4
Walter Meigs, Night Lights
Max Schnitzler, Train Tracks
Beatrice Smith, Reflections of Crete
William Littlefield, Bluebird and Old Sour-Puss
Norris Embry, Untitled
Aaron Bohrod, Rags and Old Iron
Jay Van Everen, Synchromist Abstraction
Eleanor Custis, At the Dry Dock
Ernest Fiene, The Bridge
John Von Wicht, Untitled VW-79
Hans Burkhardt, Flowers and Tears
John Grillo, Untitled
John Costigan, Flower Arrangement

Press Release

Caldwell Gallery Hudson is pleased to open our new exhibition “Spring – The Return Of Color”, featuring both traditional representations of the season as well as many abstract works whose color palette reflects the tones so often seen this time of year. More than a dozen canvases are new to the market.

Of particular note are a 1952 canvas by Paul Burlin, a major Joseph Solman NYC scene from 1939, and important 1963 canvas by the recently deceased John Grillo. 

This exhibit will run through June 1 and include pieces by regionalist painter Paul Sample, American impressionist Allen Tucker, and a rare early work by Ogden Pleissner. It will also showcase artworks by Edward Potthast, Hans Burkhardt, David Burliuk, Jimmy Ernst, Beatrice Wose Smith, Russell Cowles, Carl Holty, and Jenny Magafan.