Modern Choices - Choice Modern

April 30, 2016 – January 2, 2017

Lloyd Ney, Construction
William Schwartz, A Song Without Words
George Ault, Anderson Farm
Eugene Berman, Imaginary View of Rome
Leroy Lamis, 128
Jacob El Hanani, Argaman
Aaron Bohrod, Diddle Diddle
Jon Corbino, Circus Jumpers #2
Aaron Bohrod, Artist Sketching Athens Ohio
Rudolf Hoflehner, Figur 82
Lester Frederick Johnson, Men Walking #1
Charles Biederman, 1-35
Irene Rice Pereira, Untitled
Yulla Lipchitz, Cobra
Jacob El Hanani, Humim Alef
Jacob El Hanani, Adumim Beth
Jacob El Hanani, Humim Beth
Jacob El Hanani, Adumim Alef
Jimmy Ernst, Untitled
Yulla Lipchitz, Snake and Bird Twined on Branch 1
John Grillo, Untitled