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Hudson Valley Artswalk 2014

This weekend I went to Hudson Valley ArtsWalk and had an amazing time at the Hudson Valley Opera House, Olana and Caldwell Gallery Hudson.  

The Hudson Valley Opera House built in 1855 is currently undergoing restoration and preservation. It's NYS "oldest surviving theatre."  If you ever wanted to experience an excavation of a priceless archaeological finding, I highly recommend going to the Hudson Valley Opera House.  Although the opera house is undergoing restoration, the doors are still open. The Hudson Valley Opera House is an active community multi-arts center. The Hudson Opera House is a rare gem with warm and welcoming doors.

Landscape painter and artist Frederic Church's envisioned and created a priceless work of art, Olana. Located on NYS Hudson Valley, Olana with it's Middle Eastern, Moorish and international influences was Frederic Church's home. Olana was part of Hudson Valley's ArtsWalk where outdoor project "Creating Landscapes within the Landscape" was held. It was a unique opportunity to witness the location of a work of art.

Hudson Valley ArtsWalk has many outstanding, charming, and amazing stores, galleries and eateries. I never expierenced a welcoming and nurturing gallery with museum pieces. Another unexpected treasure finding is Jay Caldwell, Principal, of Caldwell Gallery Hudson that's has a trove of unique and priceless paintings. Hudson Valley ArtsWalk was delight and pleasure.

My advice on day trips that involves a lot of walking, wear comfortable shoes. My walking took me from the Hudson Valley sidewalk and gravel to the nature trail and grass on Olana. I wore sneakers on the walk as did many. Happy walking....


By Mod23 Photography